About Us

As a mother two toddlers, I have come to learn the importance of comfort items when getting children to wind down, relax, and nap. It was this very need that became my inspiration behind the creation of the BlankiePillow. I was desperate for a way to get my 18 month old son, Charlie, to relax and nap without a fuss. At the time, my little guy had a bad case of separation anxiety. The only places he found comfort were cuddled up in his blankie while lounging in his out-gown infant lounger pillow, or wrapped up in his blankie cradled in my arms. Therefore I got to work, combining my creativity, with my sons love for his being cuddled up and cradled in his blankie, and the BlankiePillow was born!

It quickly became my sons favorite comfort spot, and my problem solver!  After friends began requesting BlankiePillows for their own little ones, I realized I was onto something. This was a product kids loved, and parents could benefit greatly from!

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